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Scholarships and bursaries generate a wealth of rewards for Dal student recipients. They open doors and make a Dalhousie education more accessible, especially for those who face financial, cultural or social barriers. They instill confidence, inspire engagement, drive academic success, and grow a student’s potential.

Scholarships are often designed to reward excellence and achievement in academics, community service, athletics or leadership.

Bursaries help students with financial need. Dalhousie’s bursary program provides funds designed to supplement other funding sources.

Thinking of contributing to a scholarship or bursary?

There are many flexible options to choose from. Direct your donation to support specific groups of students based on:

  • Faculty, department or program
  • Geographic region
  • Cultural or special interest group

Discover the fund that’s right for you.

Create a new fund.

Scholarships and bursaries change lives

Each year, over $27 million in undergraduate scholarships, awards, bursaries and prizes is awarded to students. Read about how gifts from donors like you have changed the lives of promising Dal students from many different walks of life.

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