Digital dentistry mapping

With your support, we will advance the future of digital dentistry in the region by expanding the Faculty of Dentistry‘s digital capacity.

Advancements in digital dentistry are shifting the curriculum in Canadian dental schools and changing how dental labs, manufacturers, and private practices operate. Digital solutions and technology help reduce patient treatment time, dental production time, and material costs, while improving health records and surgical accuracy.

The goal is to raise approximately $600,000 to purchase a milling unit and 14 scanners with associated software for its dental simulation labs and clinics. With new state-of-the-art clinic facilities, the Faculty of Dentistry will:

  • Enhance teaching and learning. Incorporating more digital technology into the curriculum, testing, and evaluation will better prepare students for future practice. It will also create new research opportunities for students and faculty.
  • Improve patient care. Additional digital equipment will improve clinical practice and the patient experience for impressions, restorations and milled crowns.

“Digital technology is changing the dental profession. We must invest in new technologies to remain at the forefront of teaching and learning and improved patient care.”

Dr. Robert Loney, Professor and Chair, Department of Dental Clinical Sciences