In the Faculty of Engineering, we’re committed to building modern engineers – those who will improve society and make the world a better place. We pride ourselves on providing students with a quality education that extends beyond the classroom and prepares our students to solve real-world problems. You can help our students gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to become leaders who will build a better world for all.

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Top Funding Priorities

Future Engineers Fund

The Future Engineers Fund provides students with a problem to solve, a product idea, or a product in development with the financial support to make it happen. Your gift helps students build prototypes, receive mentorship from our Engineers in Residence, and develop the professional skills for a successful career as an engineer. Make your gift today in support of the Future Engineers Fund.

Future engineer building Dal’s first electric car

Mitchell Gregory (BEng’21), Captain of the Formula Society for Automotive Engineering is putting his engineering education to work building Dal’s first electric-powered racing car.

Faculty of Engineering

Make your gift directly to the Faculty of Engineering and help us provide students in our faculty with the best education possible. Your support replenishes supplies in our labs, provides access to education through scholarships and bursaries, and helps students develop creativity and critical-thinking skills to find solutions to real-world challenges. Together, we will build modern engineers who will change the world.

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