Hayley Tomkins, Support for Students

There are many ways for you to provide support to students.

Scholarships & Bursaries

One of the most important considerations for students in deciding what university to attend is how they will finance their education. A strong scholarship and bursary program helps Dalhousie attract top students from around the world and lessens financial barriers.

Scholarships: Each year, over $8 million inAhmed Jad scholarships, awards, bursaries and prizes is distributed through the Registrar’s Office to promising Dalhousie students at every stage of their academic life. More funding is awarded at the faculty and department level.

Bursaries: Dalhousie’s bursary program provides funds designed to supplement other funding sources and helps students in financial need.

There is considerable flexibility for donors who wish to support scholarships and bursaries for Dal students. You could establish a new fund or contribute to an existing one. You may choose to support students in a particular faculty, department or program, or from a specific geographic region or cultural group. You could also help address financial need and social inequities, or reward excellence in academics, community service, athletics or leadership.

Student Experience

Enriching the student experience is key to cultivating student leadership and opportunities. There are three key support areas to help enhance the Dalhousie student experience:

Academic: Support innovative programs, academicKatrien-Kingdon_560x339 Chairs or technologically-rich learning environments.

Campus renewal: Revitalizing our campus to create and enhance dynamic learning spaces for students.

Off-campus opportunities: Establish professional internships, international exchanges and national competitions; experiences that take students out of the classroom and contribute to their personal growth and development.