Our donors: Dal Donor Wall

Helping Dalhousie Achieve
Its Mission

They come from around the corner and around the world. Their reasons for giving are as varied as their backgrounds and experiences.

Some gifts are deeply personal. Some want to honour beloved professors who have made a difference in the course of their lives. Some have been touched by health issues and want to contribute to Dalhousie to help make a difference in treatment and research. Often, they are choosing to give back the support they received as students themselves.

Some choose to consider Dalhousie in their estate plans, and some want to help alleviate the financial burden for students, allowing them to focus on their studies. All of our donors are valued partners, integral to helping Dalhousie achieve its mission.

Celebrating Our Donors

At Dalhousie, we feel it’s important to honour those who give generously to support the university and its mission.

Exclusive Access

Dalhousie donors are invited to dedicated university events and announcements, where they learn firsthand about the latest achievements of our students, professors and researchers.  They are given an opportunity to mingle with fellow donors and those who benefit directly from their generous support.

Dalhousie Donor Wall

Centrally located in the Sculpture Court of the Dalhousie Arts Centre, the Dalhousie Donor Wall celebrates philanthropy, recognizing contributions from and playing tribute to thousands of generous alumni and friends to the university. The wall features a list of names, as well as stories about donors and students who have benefited greatly from their contributions. The wall is updated annually—it’s a wonderful way to celebrate the impact that donors are making at the university.