As an integral part of the Maritimes, we have been educating the next generation of doctors and researchers since 1868. Our students learn to provide the best patient-focused care, discover medical breakthroughs through research and help improve outcomes at home and around the world. Our researchers bring forward medical discoveries that change the world.

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Top Funding Priorities

Medical Student Scholarships and Bursaries

Medical students graduate with some of the largest student loan debts in the country. With your support of scholarships and bursaries, students will be able to focus on becoming great doctors and researchers without the added stress of large debt.

Lightening the load: Easing financial burdens for medical students
The Dalhousie Medical Student Bursary helps alleviate debt so medical students can focus on becoming great doctors.


Medical Simulation Centre

Clinical simulation is an invaluable tool in helping medical students develop competence before practicing on real patients. Your gift to our Medical Simulation Centre helps students develop their skills and knowledge and gives them the opportunity to practice high-risk procedures in a safe environment. More practice and skill development opportunities helps students reduce errors and provide better care to patients.

medicine simulationSimulation‑based education: bringing theory and practice together
Dr. Stephen Miller, the Faculty of Medicine’s recently appointed Director of Simulation, plans on bringing simulation to the forefront of the medical education continuum in the Maritimes. From undergraduate medical education to continuing professional development, he sees a clear need.

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