The Sealy Thrive Bursary provides BIPOC students with financial supportIntroducing the Sealy Thrive Bursary: an initiative to provide financial assistance to BIPOC students pursuing an MBA. Established by David Kerr, the former MBA Society VP of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, this bursary aims to create lasting impact on program culture and students’ lives.  Kerr’s vision is to empower students and shift the paradigm from merely surviving to thriving. We are inviting you to be part of this transformative journey by contributing to this new venture.

A bursary born from empathy

Driven by the desire to create a more equitable educational landscape, Kerr designed the Sealy Thrive Bursary to offer much-needed support to MBA students, particularly in their second year of study. Kerr estimates the bursary alleviates the need to work 20+ hours a week to cover cost of living, as well as some of the cost associated with MBA extra curriculars, such as case competitions and networking events. This will allow students to focus on academics and embrace their full potential as future leaders

Breaking barriers for a brighter future

True to its name, the bursary empowers underrepresented communities to thrive, providing vital financial support to help address specific challenges BIPOC students may encounter, such as limited access to quality educational resources, a lack of representation in their fields of study, and the opportunity to benefit from mentors and networks that reflect their diverse backgrounds and experiences. Kerr’s vision is that this bursary will serve as a catalyst for students to overcome barriers along the path to prosperity, shedding historic obstacles.

Creating new opportunities

The MBA experience requires more than classroom time. Out-of-class opportunities for personal and professional development, networking, and enrichment are undertaken at the students’ expense. Unfortunately, financial concerns often hinder students from fully participating in this immersive MBA experience. The Sealy Thrive Bursary allows students to focus on unlocking their potential rather than being constrained by financials stressors. The Sealy Thrive MBA Bursary is managed by the MBA Society and supported by passionate Dalhousie community members like yourself.

Support the Sealy Thrive Bursary

Together, we can empower MBA students and make this annual bursary available for years to come. Join us in breaking barriers and creating opportunities for our future leaders by making your gift today!