Dal alumni are invited to experience the unforgettable feeling of cruising on Halifax Harbour in style and comfort aboard the Tall Ship Silva. Departing from Sackville Wharf on the Halifax Waterfront, prepare to set sail into the big harbour where you will have a mariner’s view of Halifax’s most noteworthy landmarks including the Harbour Bridge, Georges Island, Point Pleasant Park and Historic Properties. You will discover Halifax’s rich history and some of the stories and tales behind these and many other iconic landmarks.

While aboard, get involved in a truly unique part of this cruise by helping hoist the Silva’s sails, the largest in the Halifax Harbour. As the wind fills the sails and carries the ship across the water, take the lead and steer the helm, tie a sailor’s knot, or simply sit back, relax and enjoy getting to know your crew and Captain – all of whom will be at your service.

Tickets are $37.99. Book online and use alumni code Dal200 for a 20% discount! Book early as seating is limited. Booking fee extra.

If the Sail Aboard the Tall Ship Silva tour does not fit your schedule, please check out www.ambassatours.com for a complete list tour and cruise options.

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