Dentistry Alumni Committee

The Dentistry Alumni Committee (DAC) meets on a regular basis to work with alumni relations staff to enhance connections between and among our alumni and students.

We support and promote:

  • the active participation of alumni in the Faculty of Dentistry’s affairs and future direction
  • enhanced connections between and among alumni and students
  • the advancement of dental education and research
  • Dalhousie Alumni Association initiatives

If you would like to discuss becoming involved with the Dentistry Alumni Committee, please submit your CV to

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Nominate your peers

The Dentistry Alumni Committee administers the Faculty of Dentistry’s annual Outstanding Alumni Award, which is presented, to a Dentistry or Dental Hygiene graduate who has made special and/or distinctive contributions to his or her community, profession, society at large or to the Faculty of Dentistry.

About the Outstanding Alumni Award

Special consideration will be given to candidates who have advanced the art and science of dentistry or dental hygiene through high-quality dental service, research, education or volunteerism; served the organized profession with distinction; or who have made significant contributions that have extended the frontiers of dentistry or dental hygiene. Nominees must either be in good standing with their regulatory authority or retired in good standing.

Normally, two awards are presented per calendar year – one to a dentistry alumnus and one to a dental hygiene alumnus. However, the Dentistry Alumni Committee (DAC) reserves the right to present additional awards, or to refrain from presenting the award, in a given year.

How to Nominate

Nominations for this award may come from any source. To promote consistency and fairness, nomination dossiers must be presented in the following order:

  • A completed Nomination Form (attached)
  • A letter from the primary nominator, illustrating the candidate’s suitability for this award (reason for nomination; highlight achievements, service, research, education, volunteerism, etc.) (max. 2 pages)
  • Minimum of one letter of support (max. 1 page each)
  • A curriculum vitae or other documentation to support the nomination

Successful candidates for this award will be selected by the DAC Awards Subcommittee, approved by the dean of the Faculty of Dentistry/director of the School of Dental Hygiene, and ratified by the Dentistry Alumni Committee. While encouraged, it is not a requirement for recipients of this award to attend the presentation ceremony.

Completed Nomination Dossiers must be received by May 1, 2024 in order to be considered. Electronic submissions are strongly encouraged. Please email nominations to or mail to: Attn: Kathy MacFarlane, 5981 University Ave, Halifax, NS B3H 4R2.

While strongly encouraged, it is not a requirement for recipients of this award to attend the presentation ceremony.

Previous Recipients:

  • 2023: Dr. Toby Gushue (DDS’73), Dr. Lex MacNeil (DDS’73), Mrs. Palmer Nelson (DDH’89)
  • 2022: Dr. Aaron Burry (DDS’86), Dr. Theresa P. Chiang (DDS’65), Dr. Jason Noel (DDS’00), Dr. Robert S. Roda (DDS’81), Ms. Wendy Stewart (DDH’01)
  • 2020: Dr. Eric Hatfield (DDS’86), Ms. Kelly Antosh (DDH’94)
  • 2018: Dr. Tom Boran, Susan Keating-Bekkers, Dr. Carol Anne Murdoch-Kinch, Dr. Rick Raftus
  • 2016: Dr. Ian Doyle (DDS ’78), Dr. Andrew Nette (DDS ’76), and Ms Darcie Robichaud (DDH ’93)
  • 2014: Dr. Marina Sexton (DDS’80), Mr. Bill Nippard (DDH’88)
  • 2013: Dr. Wayne Maillet (DDS’74), Ms. Joanne Noye (DDH’86)
  • 2011: Prof. Terry Mitchell (DDH’78)
  • 2010: Dr. James Carson (DDS’57)
  • 2009: Dr. Rod Fraser (DDS’56)
  • 2008: Dr. Alfred Dean (DDS’78), Dr. Monty MacNeil (DDS’80), Ms. Maureen Keating (DDH’81)
  • 2007: Dr. William MacInnis (DDS’70), Dr. David MacLeod (DDS’71), Mrs. Karen Wolfe (DDH’84)
  • 2006: Dr. David Crocker (DDS’71), Dr. Gary Butler (DDS’74), Mrs. Wanda Fedora (DDH’80)
  • 2005: Dr. Thomas Raddall II (DDS’61), Mrs. Patricia Grant (DDH’72)
  • 2004: Dr. Harold Brogan (DDS’61), Dr. Doug Chaytor (DDS’62), Dr. John Rooney (DDS’67), Dr. John Christie (DDS’71), Prof. Marilyn Kinnear (DDH’70)
  • 2003: Dr. Jack Hann (DDS’54), Dr. Robert MacDonald (DDS’63), Ms. Glenda Butt (DDH’69), Dr. Brian Barrett (DDS’77)
  • 2002: Dr. Donald Bonang (DDS’62), Dr. Michael Horsman (DDS’75), Dr. Gary MacDonald (DDS’75), Mrs. Suzanne MacIntosh (DDH’72)
  • 2001: Dr. Joseph Sapp (DDS’63), Dr. Joseph Grasso (DDS’64), Dr. Daniel MacIntosh (DDS’65), Mrs. Anne Clift (DDH’74)
  • 2000: Dr. Robert Murray (DDS’62), Dr. Robert Sexton (DDS’68), Dr. Burton Conrod (DDS’76), Ms. Susan Matheson (DDH’77)
  • 1999: Dr. David Precious (DDS’69), Dr. Raymond Wenn (DDS’75), Mary Pelletier (DDH’71)
  • 1998: Dr. Noel Andrews (DDS’62), Dr. John McMullen (DDS’67), Dr. Elaine Gordon (DDS’69)
  • 1997: Dr. Earl Dexter (DDS’49), Dr. Charles Daly (DDS’64), Dr. Roland Canning (DDS’66)
  • 1996: Dr. Bruce Ross (DDS’55), Dr. Norman Layton (DDS’56), Dr. Bruce Bowden (DDS’57), Dr. John Robertson (DDS’64)
  • 1992: Dr. Robert Bingham (DDS’42)
  • 1991: Dr. Cyril Gaum (DDS’48), Dr. Douglas Eisner (DDS’55), Dr. Donald Williams (DDS’55)
  • 1988: Dr. Reginald Ball (DDS’43), Dr. Carl Dexter (DDS’49)
  • 1985: Dr. John Burke (DDS’47), Dr. Gerald Orser (DDS’51)
  • 1984: Dr. Leonard Israel (DDS’27), Dr. Thomas Rogers (DDS’38), Dr. Donald Steeves (DDS’48), Dr. David Peters (DDS’50), Dr. Gerald Barrett (DDS’52), Dr. Donald Woodside (DDS’52), Dr. Franklyn Lovely (DDS’59), Mrs. Linda Zambolin (DDH’66)

Dalhousie Aurum Awards

The Dentistry Alumni Committee also supports the nomination of alumni for the annual Dalhousie Aurum Awards. Email for details.