Yvonne Thevenot (MBA’99)

Yvonne Thevenot (MBA’99) is the essence of a dedicated volunteer, with a profound commitment to making a difference. Whether it involves orchestrating reunions, contributing valuable insights on advisory boards, or mentoring others, she consistently goes above and beyond. Despite being a highly sought-after and busy change management expert based in Toronto, she remains unwavering in her commitment to giving back to the Dalhousie community.

In what capacity do you volunteer at Dalhousie?

It all began with my involvement in reviewing the beta version of the capstone course for the Master of Business Administration (Financial Services) program. Since then, I have actively participated in various events, including organizing an MBA reunion and crafting fundraising letters. Inspired by the impact I also became a Dalhousie donor.

Over time, my dedication to volunteerism led me to assume key roles within the MBA community, serving as a member of the MBA Advisory Board, the Dalhousie Insight Circle as well as volunteering as a mentor for several years. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to deliver an ad hoc presentation on change management to the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pathology. All these unique experiences have unfolded while being based out of Toronto.

What have you learned or gained from volunteering at Dalhousie?

The ability to “pay it forward.” By sharing the knowledge and insights I gained, I am able support and guide future students, ensuring they have a fulfilling and enriching experience. I enjoy building on the great experiences I had during my own time at Dalhousie.

What advice would you give someone considering volunteering with Dal?

You can start small, and you can volunteer from anywhere. If you start to feel overwhelmed or discover that it doesn’t align perfectly with your interests, then you can choose another way to volunteer. There is a way to get involved at the scale and level that works best for you!

Why do you give your time and talent to Dal?

The flexibility, their expression of value, their engagement model… I always feel wanted, needed, valued!

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What is your favourite memory from your time at Dal?

I loved that the remote MBA program still offered opportunities to engage on site. During the summer capstone intensive session, I got to be in Halifax, spending time with my colleagues on campus. Despite being mid-career and a parent of two – it made me feel young again!


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