How to Lead in 2018 – Hire for Depth, Hire a Humanities Grad

2017 was quite a year.  The rise of populism in the US, Europe, and many other major economies throughout the world has generated much anxiety in the established media and political class.  It is difficult to determine the long term economic effects that this change will have on business.  So what are hiring managers in the corporate and not-for-profit worlds to do?


Jeff Chuchman MA, MBA(FS) 2017

Jeff Chuchman MA, MBA(FS) 2017

Good management starts with great hires – Skills can be taught, wisdom cannot. 

As a hiring manager, be it on the front lines or in the c-suite, do not fall into the trap of hiring the hottest job profile on the market.  Now is not the time to hire someone who can punch out a great spreadsheet.  You need to hire someone who can provide both technical output as well as provide a deeper analysis of the long-term impact of those spreadsheets or procedural documents.  Having the ability to see why a leader has asked for an analysis, looking at the reasons behind a request and the impact of the analysis into the future, will be of greater value than a technical answer to what was being asked.  Humanities grads have the ability to provide that depth of knowledge.  You can always send a member of your team for training on “hard” skills.  Hiring a candidate with great “soft” skills will provide your team with the wisdom and leadership you should be craving.

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