Jillian Arany-Ruyf (BSc’13) is a Fisheries Management Officer with Fisheries and Oceans Canada and volunteers her time answering digital surveys as part of Dal’s Insight Circle. Learn more about Jillian’s experience and find out how you can get involved.


How long have you been a Dalhousie volunteer and in what capacity? 

Jillian Arany-Ruyf (submitted photo)

I have been volunteering with the Dal Insight Circle since 2020. This online initiative has also provided me with other volunteer opportunities at Dalhousie, such as speaking on student panels. 

What inspired you to volunteer? 

Attending Dalhousie University is something I am proud of and staying involved with the university, even though I no longer reside in Nova Scotia, is rewarding. I wanted to volunteer so that I can help provide insight into future programming and make a difference. 

What have you learned or gained during your time as a volunteer at Dal? 

I’ve gained insight into the views, values, and diverse differences of the Dalhousie Alumni community. 

What’s been your best experience so far? 

I participated in a panel for perspective Dalhousie students that allowed me to share my experiences, my insight, and some of my favourite memories while attending university. It’s fun to participate in these panels because you never know if something you say could influence someone attending the university or their university experience! 

Do you have any advice for alumni who might be considering volunteering? 

It’s a chance to make a difference, whether you are still in Halifax, or far away.

Do you have any other connections to Dal? 

Those who I still keep in contact with from my university days, including some professors who I now work with in a professional capacity. 

Interested in volunteering? Click here for available opportunities.