Gayle Murdoch (BComm’04, MBA’06) is the Senior Vice President, Sales Effectiveness & Performance at Canada Life. She met her husband at Dalhousie, and says she’s grateful to the school for giving her a plethora of opportunities in her professional and personal lives. Now, she’s giving back.


How long have you been a Dal volunteer and in what capacity? 

A white woman with shoulder-length brown hair smiles at the camera. She is wearing a dark blue sheath-style dress with short sleeves and a string of dark pearls.

Gayle Murdoch (submitted photo)

Seventeen years: I’ve attended recruiting events; I served six years on the alumni board; I created the original student and alumni mentoring program for the Faculty of Management; I have participated in mentoring programs as a mentor; I am currently sitting on the Dalhousie MBA Advisory Council. 

What inspired you to volunteer? 

I owe a lot of great experiences to Dal and wanted to give back in a way that had an impact. My time at Dalhousie University was instrumental in setting me up for success and opening my eyes to a world of opportunities – it kickstarted my networking, I met my husband at Dal and cherish the relationships I’ve built with friends and faculty over that period in my life. 

What have you learned or gained through your time volunteering? 

I have gained great insight by working directly with students. Through events, I’ve broadened my professional and personal network. I’ve also gained clarity into the future of Dalhousie and have the ability to help shape it. 

Can you name the single best experience you’ve had as a Dal volunteer? 

While I was on the Dal Alumni Board, I instigated a mentoring program with alumni and students. Through that program we received incredible feedback on the impact for alumni (being able to give back and get back engaged with their school and students) and for students (who we helped do things like build their network, work on their resume and even helped several land full-time jobs or internships). 

What advice do you have for alumni who are interested in volunteering? 

It’s awesome, just do it! 

Do you have any other connections to Dal you’d like to share?

My husband also went to Dal, and I’ve hired a lot of Dal students throughout my career! 

What impact has your volunteerism had on your career advancement? 

I’ve bonded with leaders in my industry who are also Dal grads and being a Dal alum has been a great conversation-starter.

What’s your favourite memory (so far) as a Dal volunteer?

I’ve helped a couple Dal students find their initial career path and land full-time roles – that is truly gratifying.

Lastly, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities out there. Why do you give your time and talent to Dal?

Because Dal is awesome.