Gail Armour (MPlan’20) is a “micro-volunteer” with Dal Insight Circle.

Gail Armour (MPlan’20) is Executive Director of PBJ Design, a Nova Scotia business development non-profit that uses interventions with art, movement, and nature to “shift the way people engage with their communities.”

During her time at Dal, Armour studied the impact of flooding on road networks, which is particularly prescient given the rainy summer we just had in Nova Scotia. Armour has travelled extensively and believes that gives her interesting perspective on how to improve communities. She is interested in the intersection between place-making and the environment.

Armour is a committed “micro-volunteer” through Dal Insight Circle, an online program through which alumni answer monthly questionnaires to influence important university initiatives and decisions.

How long have you been a volunteer with Dalhousie?

Since I graduated in 2020.

What inspired you to volunteer?

I have always loved volunteering, but there weren’t many opportunities during the peak of Covid. Then I learned about Dal Insight Circle, where I could volunteer from the safety of my home. It was the perfect fit!

What have you learned or gained?

I enjoy that I get to know about everything Dalhousie is doing for both students and alumni. It has made me feel inspired to continue learning about what is going on at my alma mater.

What has been your best experience?

My best experience from volunteering is being given this platform to speak to the benefits of micro volunteering. I really don’t do much — each month I fill out surveys. But it’s clear that my opinion matters for the direction of Dalhousie, and I feel like a valued part of the alumni community.

Do you have any advice for alumni interested in volunteering?

Find a way to volunteer that interests you and works for you. I have always been a strong believer in surveys, and I have little capacity to support in other fashions, so the Dal Insight Circle has been a great way for me to stay involved. 

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