By Allison Langille

: Courtney Larkin (BMgmt’10)

Position: President, Dalhousie Alumni Association

Her backstory

The role of president of the Dalhousie Alumni Association (DAA) is a natural fit for Courtney Larkin, former Dalhousie Student Union (DSU) president (2008-09), award-winning peer mentor, and Progress Club of Halifax/Cornwallis Young Woman of Distinction award recipient (2012). As an off-campus student, the Cole Harbour native’s early involvement in student life was thanks to an upper-year student who encouraged her to attend Orientation Week: “I showed up excited but I had no idea what it was all about.” From there, Larkin signed up as a first-year representative and eventually got involved with the DSU. Upon her graduation in 2010, the DAA elected her to its board. Now Larkin says of her volunteerism, “It’s just what I do.”


Larkin has a clear list of goals for her two-year term as DAA president. “I want to create an awareness that all alumni can stay engaged with each other and with students—no matter where they are.” This involves adding more cities to the chapters program and identifying initiatives where Dal alumni can connect to their communities. “I would also love to see each faculty embrace mentoring in its own unique way.” Her greatest challenge will be trying to connect with as many of Dal’s 125,000 alumni as she can. “I may only have two years in this role but I plan to stay involved. I’m a Dal alumna for life.”

Why she does it

“That genuine feeling of being a part of something that I’ve experienced ever since Orientation Week—I hope all students and alumni will get to feel that.” Larkin is ready to get creative with opportunities for alumni. “I run into old acquaintances at the grocery store and by the end of our chat, we’ve found a way to get them involved.”