A planned mural for the University of Toronto Daniels Building’s north facade, by Daniels alumni Ashita Parekh and Tolu Alabi, will say, in giant letters, “Support Black Designers.”

Allison Gonsalves (MArch ’08) leads a Toronto Architecture practice, studioDOM Architects, with her husband, Marcin Sztaba (MArch ’07).

Allison recently composed a letter to Elsa Lam, the editor at Canadian Architect magazine. The letter was in regards to the the lack of diversity in the architecture profession, and in the magazine. Following a great discussion about the topic, Elsa requested to publish the letter in the October issue of the Canadian Architect magazine.

Allison wishes to share it with the DalArchPlan community with hopes of continuing the education for our alumni and school community on race and women of colour in the profession.

“The Dalhousie School of Architecture is a wonderful school and I really enjoyed my time there as a student. However, after graduating, there is a reality of discrimination and inequality that women of colour have to face in our profession. I am grateful that Canadian Architect is reflecting in the issues and I am thankful to the school community for furthering the conversation.” -Allison Gonsalves