We would like to share with you this invitation to submit a proposal for Dalhousie School of Architecture FREE LABS – 2020! This much anticipated part of our program is an amazing opportunity to work exclusively with a group of 10-12 students from the B3 and M1 terms over a two-week period!

This year, the work will be digitally produced. In this respect, the conceptual approaches might consider a broader range of media. It will be interesting to see this work in the context of an established tradition of hands-on design-build, extending and diversifying our approaches to education and professional practice. We are confident and optimistic that remote delivery scenarios will lead to inventive and creative projects that are also fulfilling and educational for everyone involved.

The labs will take place between July 17 and 31. On the last Friday we will have a virtual celebration event. At this time, projects will be presented and shared with the school and project partners.

DEADLINE for proposals:

Please submit proposals by June 22th. Please email your proposals to the Free lab coordinator roger.mullin@dal.ca and the School of Architecture Director diogo.burnay@dal.ca.

FORMAT for proposals:

As a minimum please submit a one-page document with a project description and several representative images that exemplify the type of work you propose to undertake. An inclusion of any additional references or weblinks that contextualize the expected deliverables, or the method of instruction will assist in the review of the proposals. If selected, we will ask you to provide a one-page poster that can be shared with the student body as part of their lab selection process. We look forward to your submissions!


Due to the implementation of social distancing related to the COVID-19 pandemic the Free Lab course during the summer of 2020 will not involve hands-on building and/or travel to a site. It is pertinent to maintain these restrictions for many reasons including the safety and well-being of all persons involved.

The Free Lab will extend online studio-based learning to deliver an instructor-led experimental workshop delivered remotely. Investigations of a particular architectural topic may include documentary work, speculative design projects, interdisciplinary work and other.

Projects may have material components that students complete individually; however any assembly of group participants is prohibited by current university regulations.


The blog, FOCUS on University Teaching and Learning, from the Centre for Learning and Teaching at Dalhousie University is a useful resource.

Also, for university updates regarding COVID-19.

The School has a remote communication Page.

And a design software page.

For questions and inquiries please contact the lab coordinator:

e:roger.mullin@dal.ca, tel: 782-234-5995