Boston Landing rendering, NB Development Group

Keith Craig, Dal AlumniInfrastructure expert, Keith Craig (MURP’01) is completing construction on a brand-new commuter rail station in Boston’s Allston Brighton neighbourhood. The innovative Boston Landing project was funded through a unique public-private partnership that allowed the development to move ahead much faster while addressing the needs of the community and accommodating the ideas of its developers. Craig is director of NB Development Group in Boston, which is the project developer.

The $2-million development was designed by architecture firm STV, while New Balance managed the contracts. A former industrial site once home to the region’s largest stockyard, the area is next to the New Balance World Headquarters Building.  NB Development Group is the construction arm of New Balance.

Craig spoke to the astute business strategy behind the 15-acre mixed-use redevelopment in an article for Boston magazine. He talked about re-establishing Brighton as a destination for residents and activity by creating opportunities for new local businesses, sports-related uses and green spaces, and providing access through public transportation.

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Images: NB Development Group.