Nursing student, Latisha Reynolds

Latisha Reynolds, a first-year student in Dalhousie’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, does not hesitate when it comes to pinpointing her inspiration for choosing an education in nursing.

“I think caring for others has always been inspired by my mom,” says Reynolds, who is one of eight children.

“She is the smartest, strongest person I know. She always puts others before herself and gives her all to everyone in her life. Before my grandmother died last year, my mom was her caregiver around the clock.”

Lifting the burden of debt

Reynolds says the Forsyth Family Nova Scotia Undergraduate Scholarship has had a major impact not only on her education, but personally as well.

“When I found out I was receiving the scholarship, I cried,” she says. “It was such a relief to know I wouldn’t have to rely on student loans. Eventually I would probably need to get a job and I wouldn’t want to take on something that would interfere with my studies. The scholarship lessened the burden not just for me, but my entire family.”

Student life and future plans

Now in her second semester of nursing at Dal, the Truro, N.S. native is enjoying her program and life on campus. Reynolds admittedly doesn’t have much time for anything other than school at the moment. She laughs when she talks about the amount of reading she has been doing, noting that her university experience so far is different than what she expected, but “good different!”

“I love my anatomy class! I knew I would because I’ve always had an interest in the human body. I’ve often thought about becoming a doctor, so I haven’t ruled that out. I’d like to be a nurse for a few years, maybe in pediatrics, and then think about medicine again.”

Reynolds is confident that her education at Dal will prepare her for whatever comes after nursing, whether that’s working as a registered nurse or continuing with more education.