Dal alumni Joshua Green and Uytae Lee, top 30 under 30 sustainability

Joshua Green (BEng’13) and Uytae Lee (BCD’16) were recognized in the list of Canada’s Top 30 Under 30 in sustainability leadership by Corporate Knights magazine. Green and his brother created the Mysa thermostat to help people with high voltage heating systems reduce their energy consumption. Lee and a fellow planning student started PLANifax, a weekly video series tackling local issues in Halifax.

The youth of today are lazy, entitled brats who don’t understand the value of a hard day’s work.

Or so we’ve been told.

Blaming the youngsters of today for ruining society is a tale as old as time, as assistant English professor Eric Weiskott explained earlier this year in an article for The Conversation. Dipping back into medieval England, Weiskott found the youth of the day being blamed for ruining poetry, storytelling, the notion of truth and even increased promiscuity.

In the same vein, one particularly derided listicle on Business Insider in August described millennials as killing countless industries, from home-improvement stores to casual dining chains.

But to turn that question around a bit, what are millennials into?

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