Tosin Ajogbeje (MPA’17) writes poetry focused on inspiring communities to make social change. She aims to give voices to the people who need to be empowered. Ajogbeje resides in St. Catharines, Ont. 

There are many ways to impact the world, but real change comes from doing the things which a person is truly passionate about.

Tosin Ajogbeje, 27, a spoken-word poet, writes and performs to raise awareness about the many problems of the world. After feeling alone and isolated during her time in school she decided that writing will help connect her with others who share similar experiences.

She writes on topics that truly affect the communities, covering subjects relating to homelessness, discrimination, gender issues, drug abuse and poverty.

Ajogbeje was 11 years old when she started writing, it was after experiencing life in Nigeria which got her thinking about the conditions that people must live in, the lack of needed resources and the injustice and disparities of the world.

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