Dalhousie alum and current PhD student Josh Goreham (BScK’12, MSc’14) is conducting research using sensors to look at the movement of athletes and the canoes or kayaks. The data from with will drive improvements in athletes that may lead them to the podium. 

A Halifax researcher has developed technology that could help propel Canadian paddlers to the podium at future Olympics.

Dalhousie University PhD student Josh Goreham is using sensors and the data they collect to help canoe and kayak athletes and coaches improve performance. The sensors are used to look at the movements of athletes and boats.

“The goal is to be able to take these sensors, understand body movement and then how that affects the boat movement,” said Goreham.

Goreham measures the movement using a combination of commercially available sensors and sensors he’s developed.

“With the sensors, what we do is we collect data from the boat and the person,” said Goreham.

“So when we get this information from the sensor, we’ll get lots of data. We’re trying to break that data down into its useful parts — so what’s essential to understand technique — and then hopefully over time just use one sensor on the boat.”

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