David Wolpin (BA'10)

Despite early setbacks with provincial regulations, business is booming for Dave Wolpin (BA’10).

After graduating from Dalhousie’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Wolpin founded airport shuttle service Driver Dave’s Inc. in 2010. The service is aimed at Halifax university students, yet open to all, offering an affordable and convenient alternative to taxi or bus transportation to and from the Halifax airport.

In 2013, Driver Dave’s changed business models after the Utility Review Board cancelled Wolpin’s commercial vehicle license. The company now operates as a booking agency, subcontracting to its network of licensed taxi and limousine drivers to provide the shuttle service.

While the company came under fire with the 2013 regulation troubles, Wolpin insists the publicity only helped Driver Dave’s. The firm was able to adapt to the new model, and did so while steadily gaining customers. The company’s client base has continued to grow, solely through word of mouth – they don’t advertise.

Looking forward, Wolpin plans to unveil a wider variety of student-centred services, branching out beyond travel.

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Photo credit: The Chronicle Herald Staff (Adrien Veczan)