Dalhousie is committed to finding solutions to create and maintain a sustainable ocean. Educational programs, research and community outreach in the faculties of Science, Engineering, Agriculture and Law address some of the most pressing ocean challenges of our time. Your support of these initiatives can help us improve the ocean’s sustainability.

Ocean School

Improving ocean literacy among school-aged children is Ocean School’s number one goal. Interactive online modules, developed by Dal faculty and students in partnership with the National Film Board, provide a free, fun and immersive learning experiences. Help us create more Ocean School modules for the next generation of ocean conservationists.

The Marine and Environmental Law Institute

To protect the health of the ocean while also exploring its vast potential, we need laws, policies and governance that promote safe and sustainable practices. The Institute provides the education, research and advising to ensure current and future lawmakers have the knowledge and insight to prioritize a sustainable ocean. Support students and researchers to explore how the law can help preserve the ocean.

Ocean Engineering

How can we more effectively and safely monitor the vast number of marine environments that make up the ocean? Can the ocean be a source of clean energy? Dal students and faculty are exploring answers to these questions in their work with ocean sensors, autonomous vehicles and tidal energy. Support their quest for knowledge and discovery.


Aquaculture has the potential to revolutionize the fishing industry and play an important role in food security and ocean conservation. Its low cost and environmental impact make it a sustainable solution. Our students and researchers are advancing the best practices and technology that will drive aquaculture growth and success. Give to enable them to do more.