Arctic Ocean

Dalhousie is focused on solving some of the most complex global issues of our time. Leveraging our research strengths, we have aligned our efforts with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to find solutions to the big challenges facing the world. You can be part of the solution and make the difference you want to achieve by supporting our work in these key areas.

oceanSustainable Ocean

The ocean is vital to life on earth, impacting our weather, economy and culture, and providing essential sustenance and transportation. As the effects of pollution, climate change and over-fishing take hold, ensuring the sustainability of the ocean has never been more important. The health of our planet depends on the health of the ocean.

healthHealthy Populations

Whether we are exploring ways to improve healthcare systems, seeking cures for diseases or discovering new insights into the mind and body, our approach is guided by the belief that the health of individuals, communities and populations are interconnected.

clean techClean Technology & Energy

How can we continue to advance our society in a way that is sustainable and doesn’t harm the environment? That’s the solution we’re searching for in our Clean Technology work.

flagA Stronger Society

Social justice, equity, advancing technology ethically – these are some of the big conversations happening today that are a top priority at Dal. Understanding, policy and practice are the precursors to positive change.

foodFood Security

In the foreseeable future, the demand for food may exceed our current capacity to create it. At Dalhousie, we’re working to ensure that doesn’t happen.