With both parents pharmacists—not to mention a grandfather, an uncle and a younger sister—Greg Campbell (MBA’78) often comments that he didn’t get the Campbell pharmacy gene. But Campbell did get early exposure to some terrific role models. “My parents were medical people and healers,” says Campbell. “My dad was a medic during World War II and both my parents practised as pharmacists for their entire careers.”

Giving back

So when it came time to start thinking about paying it forward, Campbell says he wanted to do something that would honor his parents, while also giving back to the people of Pictou County, where his mother Ailene grew up.

The Malcolm and Ailene Campbell Bursary in Pharmacy accomplishes both those goals. Established with a gift of $25,000, the fund is intended to provide financial assistance to a qualified Pictou County student entering Dalhousie’s pharmacy program. The first awards are expected to be announced during the 2013/2014 academic year.

Aileen-Malcolm-Campbell_200x217Malcolm Campbell (1920-1995) and Ailene (McKenna) Campbell graduated from Dalhousie Pharmacy in 1951 and 1950 respectively. It was a time when women were under-represented in the industry. “My mother was a very good student and she was ahead of her time,” says Campbell. “She was and is extremely bright and she still has an active mind and a good memory.”

A passion for education

Growing up in Halifax not far from the Dalhousie campus, Campbell and his six siblings were attuned to the importance of education. “I don’t recall my parents ever pushing academics; it’s just something that we were naturally inclined to do,” says Campbell. “We were very fortunate to live in a neighborhood with such great schools and universities.

“This is the best giving decision I ever made,” says Campbell. “My mother is thrilled to be involved and excited that the bursary program will benefit both Dalhousie Pharmacy and Pictou County.”