Deidry-Brooks_Dal-Donor_250wDeidry Brooks has only one goal in life – to conquer every fear that has ever stood in her way. She credits her Dalhousie education for empowering her to overcome many challenging hurdles and is now making plans to remember Dal in her will.

Dangling from the top of a high rise building 300 feet above Hollis Street, a system of guy ropes snaking across her body, Deidry Brooks is all smiles and professionalism.

Given that mere months ago, the 48-year old mother of three couldn’t even handle a step stool without experiencing a rush of vertigo, this is a triumphant moment indeed.

But then walking through her fears and coming out stronger on the other side is something that Deidry Brooks (BMusic’93) does very well.

“Challenging myself is the theme of my life,” says Brooks, who is quite sanguine about the many hurdles she has cleared over the years. “My sense of self-worth comes from within.”

Blessed with a brilliant and inquisitive mind, Brooks credits her Dalhousie education for empowering her to overcome a very challenging childhood in rural Nova Scotia.

To that end, Brooks makes no bones about having remembered Dalhousie in her will. “Dal has a very special place in my heart. I survived because of my education. . “It’s not just about leaving a legacy for my kids, it’s about sharing with the rest of the world.”