David-Lund_Dal-Donor_250wThere was a time when David Lund (BComm’78) thought that setting up a scholarship would be beyond his reach. Now he knows better.

Mr. Lund, who is from Moncton, New Brunswick, chose to establish an endowed fund with his gift of $30,000 to Dalhousie. The Bazil and Madge Lund Scholarship in Business supports students from high schools in the greater Moncton area, who are entering the commerce program and have demonstrated both academic achievement and financial need. The first scholarship was awarded in September 2011 to Yoon Sik Park from Moncton High School.

“If I can do it, then somebody else can do it and help. It’s not out of reach for everybody,” Mr. Lund says.

Mr. Lund, who is a partner in the New Brunswick chartered accounting firm AC Stevenson & Partners, came to Dalhousie’s commerce program from Moncton High School. His parents – for whom the scholarship is named – didn’t have the chance as young people to attend university.

“I think it was very important for them to make sure their children had the opportunity to go beyond high school and into university,” Mr. Lund says. “They thought it was important to get a degree and I think it was, too.”