As we ease back into life on campus at Dal, our Phonathon program continues to operate remotely. We have a great group of Student Engagement Ambassadors this term – you can learn more about them on this page.

The Phonathon team is looking forward to chatting with alumni like you about your own time as a student, and how you can play a role in enhancing the Dal experience for today’s students. Please answer the call!

Meet Our Student Engagement Ambassadors


Ambassado Koushika Kumaresan

Degree: Fifth year, Agriculture (Plant Science)

Hometown: India

Why did you choose Dal?
I am a transfer student from India. There was a memorandum signed between Tamilnadu Agricultural University (TNAU) and Dal. TNAU, my previous university, sent me to Dal to complete my dual degree program. I accepted this opportunity and chose Dal because I was impressed by the Truro agricultural campus and research work being conducted here.

Imaad Amyn Rajan

Degree: Fourth year, Computer Science

Hometown: Karachi, Pakistan

What’s the best advice that an alum has shared with you over the phone?
Make the most of this time, as these days won’t come by again.


Chidrupa Podile

Degree: Fourth year, Agriculture (Plant Science)

Hometown: Guntur, India

Why do you like working for Phonathon?

After joining Phonathon, I improved my confidence in speaking to others. I reduced my initial anxiety and nervousness after speaking with many friendly alumni and hearing about their Dal experiences.


Fisayo Akinyemi

Degree: Second year, Graduate Student (Animal Science)

Hometown: Ekiti, Nigeria

What’s the best advice that an alum has shared with you over the phone?
Many alumni have told me that Dal is a great school and it’s a wonderful opportunity to graduate from Dal. Many have advised me to follow my passion, strive for the best, and that opportunities await me after graduation.

Todd MacDonald

Degree: Fourth year, Cinema and Media Studies

Hometown: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

What’s the best advice that an alum has shared with you over the phone? “Many alumni have told me to not let this time slip by. As I am now in my fourth year, I am happy with that advice as my time at Dal has all gone by quickly.”


Anidiobi Eric

Degree: First year, Business (MSc)

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria

What motivated you to join Dal’s Phonathon team? “Coming from a humble background, it would have been impossible for me to afford the tuition for my postgraduate studies. As a scholarship recipient, I felt it was important to devote my own time to help raise funds for the different projects that will change someone else’s life.”

Hannah Boyd

Degree: Third Year, Commerce

Hometown: Guelph, Ontario

Why did you choose Dal?
I chose Dalhousie because I wanted a change of scenery being from Ontario! Being on the coast right beside the ocean really appealed to me, and I loved the idea of the Bachelor of Commerce program and the fact that it had Co-Op attached to it.

Areej Kamran

Degree: Fourth year, Kinesiology

Hometown: Pakistan

Why do you like working for Phonathon? “Phonathon offers flexible hours and helps us build connections with alumni from our programs.”

Ikhlas Mohamed Iqbal

Degree: Second year, Engineering

Hometown: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Why did you choose Dal? “I was born and brought up in a large city. Dal was the best university in a small city on the East Coast of Canada. The people here are amazing and super friendly which makes studying here even more fun!”

The Phonathon offers students meaningful work experience and an opportunity to learn from and be inspired by the alumni they get to talk to.

As ambassadors of Dal, our student callers love learning about your favorite professors and memories at Dalhousie, staying up to date with your lives, and sharing current campus news and events. We can also help our alumni, as proud Dal grads, get involved with Dal activities and fundraising initiatives for students.

We believe in the power of fundraising that can change the lives of many Dal students and alumni. The Phonathon team looks forward to getting to know you, and hope you enjoy the conversations with us as much as we like chatting with you. Your support in strengthening Dal education is invaluable. We hope to speak to you soon!

If you’re interested in making a gift today, please visit For more information or questions, please contact Jessica Feader, Office of Advancement, at