With students returning to campus, our Phonathon program is operating on a hybrid model of in-person and remote work. We have a great group of student callers this term – you can learn more about them on this page.

The Phonathon team is looking forward to chatting with alumni like you about your own time as a student, and how you can play a role in enhancing the Dal experience for today’s students. Please answer the call!

phonathonEric Anidiobi

Degree: Second year, Business (MSc)

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria

Why do you like working for Phonathon?

I enjoy connecting and learning from people. Phonathon allows me to learn from Dal alumni and also help the school raise funds for different projects.

phonathonIkhlas Mohamed Iqbal

Degree: Third year, Mechanical Engineering

Hometown: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Why did you choose Dal?

I was born and brought up in a large city. Dal was the best university in a small city on the East Coast of Canada. The people here are amazing and super friendly which makes studying here even more fun!


phonathonShreemi Prabhakaran

Degree: First year, Agriculture (MSc)

Hometown: Tamil Nadu, India

What motivated you to join Dal’s Phonathon team?

I decided to join phonathon because I wanted to be helpful for Dal community. I have been benefitted by Dal scholarships and bursaries. Therefore, I wanted to be a part of this amazing opportunity of requesting funds from alumni which could benefit thousands of students.


phonathonTodd MacDonald

Degree: Fifth year, Cinema and Media Studies

Hometown: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

What’s the best advice that an alum has shared with you over the phone?

Many alumni have told me to not let this time slip by. As I am now in my fifth year, I am happy with that advice as my time at Dal has all gone by quickly.


phonathonMercy D. Fiamavle

Degree: First year, Resource & Environmental Management (MREM)

Hometown: Accra, Ghana

What motivated you to join Dal’s Phonathon team?

To have the opportunity to learn from alumni and be inspired by the heights they have achieved in their careers. I will also develop excellent communication, fundraising, and public relations skills whilst I engage with alums and my colleagues.


phonathonPratik Bhawar

Degree: First year, Health Administration (MHA)

Hometown: Mumbai, India

Why did you choose Dal?

I chose Dalhousie University as it is one of the most prominent universities in the Atlantic Canada, with a diverse student population and strong professional standing in the health sector of Nova Scotia.


phonathonSimran Chopra

Degree: Third year, Applied Computer Science

Hometown: New Delhi, India

What motivated you to join Dal’s Phonathon team?

I was looking for opportunities to get involved on campus, engage in activities, volunteer, and have an on-campus part time job, and that is when I got to know about phonathon through MyCareer portal. I love talking to people, and I felt like this job would be a perfect fit for me. Not only do I get to talk to people and develop my communication skills, I also get to have flexible work hours and work remotely (which is a very important factor when you have a part time job as a full time student).


phonathonMy Pham

Degree: Fourth year, Commerce

Hometown: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

What has been your most memorable Dal experience so far?

I had a call with an alumnus who was doing a master of librarian (not sure what the correct term for it) under faculty of management. Dal no longer offers program like that anymore, so it was interesting and insightful to hear what it was like studying at Dal from her perspectives.


phonathonSimran Arora

Degree: Third year, Computer Science

Hometown: Ghaziabad, India

Why did you choose Dal?

I love the seaside and being from a crowded country I craved something more peaceful and quieter. I chose Dal as it was affordable and offered great courses for computer science students.


phonathonHannah Freeman

Degree: Third year, Environmental Science

Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta

What motivated you to join Dal’s Phonathon team?

I chose to join Dal’s Phonathon Team this Fall as a way to further my communication skills as well as a way to learn more about others’ experience at Dalhousie.


phonathonKoushika Kumaresan

Degree: First year, Agriculture (MSc)

Hometown: Tiruppur, India

What’s the best advice that an alum has shared with you over the phone?

There was one caller whom I will never forget about. She and I were talking about agriculture and how the soil today is corrupted. It was a very insightful call and she advised me to always learn new things and do something to improve sustainability in agriculture which I set as one of my goals. Thanks to her!


Zuhair Zaidi

Degree: Third year, Chemical Engineering

Hometown: Halifax, Nova Scotia

What motivated you to join Dal’s Phonathon team?

As an engineering student my schedule does not allow for a lot of flexibility to work other part-time jobs. When I saw Dal’s Phonathon job posting I pounced on the opportunity to work from home and connect with Dal alumni. The alumni are extremely kind and motivate you to strive to do better as they share their own experience in Dal.


Olaide Laoye

Degree: Second year, Kinesiology (MSc)

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria

Why did you choose Dal?

Dalhousie is my chosen Canadian institution because it is one of the top schools in Canada and the extensive experience of the faculty members create the right educational environment for learning. Dalhousie is an institution that gives the opportunity to develop research skills, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking.


About our students

The Phonathon offers students meaningful work experience and an opportunity to learn from and be inspired by the alumni they get to talk to.

As ambassadors of Dal, our student callers love learning about your favorite professors and memories at Dalhousie, staying up to date with your lives, and sharing current campus news and events. We can also help our alumni, as proud Dal grads, get involved with Dal activities and fundraising initiatives for students.

We believe in the power of fundraising that can change the lives of many Dal students and alumni. The Phonathon team looks forward to getting to know you, and hope you enjoy the conversations with us as much as we like chatting with you. Your support in strengthening Dal education is invaluable. We hope to speak to you soon!

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