Located in the heart of the Dalhousie campus, we are a team of current Dalhousie students reaching out to our alumni by phone from Sunday through Thursday during fall and spring semesters. As ambassadors of Dal, we love learning about your favorite professors and memories at Dalhousie, staying up-to-date with your lives, and sharing current campus news and events. We help our alumni, as proud Dal grads, get involved with Dal activities and fundraising initiatives for students.

We believe in the power of fundraising that can change the lives of many Dal students and alumni. We look forward to getting to know you, and hope you enjoy the conversations with us as much as we like chatting with you. Your support in strengthening Dal education is invaluable. We hope to speak to you soon!

Dalhousie Phonathon l 902.494.1600

For more information and questions,
Contact Grace Lee, Annual Giving Officer at the Office of Advancement.
Grace.Lee@dal.ca l 902.494.4147

What are your favourite telephone calls?

Working at Phonathon is special because I get to hear personally from the alumni who charm me with their stories that make me proud and help me remember all the reasons why I came to Dalhousie to study. I love chatting with alumni who are so excited to hear from their alma mater. When I ask what their favourite time or memory at Dal was, they simply laugh and say, “Oh boy, where do I begin?” I can’t wait to receive a call from a future Phonathon caller when I become an alum and share my favourite memories! -Erin, BCOM ’20, Phonathon Caller

What do you like about working at Phonathon?

I have spent a very short time at Phonathon, but I love working here. One of the most important things about living in Canada is creating networks and references. Phonathon gives me the best opportunity to connect with alumni from all different faculties, which I believe can help me in the future. Also, it gives me a chance to express myself and helps with sharpening communication skills which is very important in any industry. My experience in the call room helps me a lot to build rapport with alumni. -Dheeraj, MACS ’20, Phonathon Caller