Public policy affects every aspect of daily life. Government decisions about the economy, education, health care, transportation, housing, the environment, energy and jobs impact each and every one of us. How these decisions are made is increasingly important, as issues become more complex, interconnected and global.

Recently, the university received a $3-million gift to establish the James Palmer Chair of Excellence in Public Policy and Law. Based in the Schulich School of Law, the Chair will play a key role in public policy and governance education at Dalhousie University.

The position will attract an outstanding legal mind focused on examining how sound public policy can help Canada reach its social and economic potential. The Chair will also build links with the Palmer Chair of Public Policy at the University of Calgary creating a national dialogue on important policy topics.

The establishment of the MacEachen Institute for Policy and Governance at Dalhousie University will both compliment and support the work of the Chair, making Dalhousie a hub for policy education, research and debate in Canada.

Your support will maximize the unique opportunities that arise from this concentration of expertise at Dalhousie, and further enhance the role of the Chair. Initiatives will include:

  1. James Palmer Public Policy Symposium
  2. James Palmer Graduate Fellow