Marjorie Lindsay
Like so many other young men returning home from WWII, my husband John came to Dalhousie to start a new chapter in his life. He earned an engineering diploma and then went on to the Nova Scotia Technical College (NSTC) to complete a civil engineering degree. John cherished his time at Dalhousie and NSTC. He put great stock in the transformative power of education. Indeed, it enabled him to make a life for himself and start J W Lindsay Construction Ltd.

When the opportunity arose to make a gift to Dalhousie, the decision was easy. John always wanted to make the Faculty of Engineering the best that it could be. Our gift, in his memory, is intended to help other students prosper from their education the same way John and our family has.

I’ve also seen first-hand the impact the engineering school has had on our community, our region and our country. It graduates highly talented, motivated professionals who fill much-needed positions, become industry leaders and start new enterprises. Their economic contributions are felt across all disciplines in the fresh ideas they introduce, in the jobs they create and in the new business opportunities they bring to our region. I decided to be part of the IDEA Project Campaign because I am passionate about the importance of this project to education at Dalhousie and to our continued prosperity.

I invite you to join us in our efforts to bolster engineering, architecture and planning education for the sake of today’s students, tomorrow’s leaders and the on-going legacy of Sexton Campus.

Dr. Marjorie Lindsay
Honorary Campaign Chair