IDEA building

A new era on Sexton Campus

At the heart of the IDEA Project are two new buildings. The Emera ideaHUB will house eight modern workshops and feature spaces for students working to create start-up companies. The “Design Building,” will be home to a 460-seat auditorium that can host large classes and community events. It will also will include design studios for Architecture and Planning students. Together, the buildings represent the first new capital construction projects on Sexton Campus in more than 40 years.

Research potential and the sustainability of the campus will also increase from upgrades and additions to existing structures. There will be new spaces for students and researchers to collaborate with business and community leaders. These enhancements will advance Dal’s leadership in key research areas — clean technology, advanced material, ocean-related engineering.

And all of it is made possible through funding partnerships linking students, alumni, corporate and individual donors, and the Government of Canada, whose $32 million infusion from the Post-Secondary Institutions Strategic Investment Fund has been critical in bringing the full IDEA vision to life.

Support the IDEA Project Campaign through the Faculties of Engineering or Architecture & Planning.