Nada Haidar (DDS ‘97) and Rick Raftus (DDS ’86), Dalhousie Dental Clinic Renewal Campaign Champions

This is an exciting time at the Faculty of Dentistry.

Renovations to the Dental Clinic are underway and we are about to launch a new era in oral health care education at Dalhousie. As proud alumni and part-time instructors in the Faculty, we see first-hand the impact of the Dental Clinic Renewal project on students, patients and the communities we serve. And that’s why we are supporting the project as campaign champions.

In our photo gallery, you’ll see some of the newly renovated spaces and a snapshot of the work yet to be completed.

Students and faculty are already working in the renovated portion of the undergraduate clinic, which has been designed following a group practice model. This means dental students work side-by-side with hygiene students, dental assistants and administrative staff. The result is that all students gain experience that is very similar to working in private practice.

The project is not yet finished. Fundraising continues so that we can move ahead with phase two of the renovations. When the renewal is complete, it will enable us to significantly expand our capacity to serve the community, providing oral health care and outreach to underserved populations – those who need it the most. We will be able to treat more patients, provide better continuity of care and perform new procedures. Students will have a comprehensive understanding of how a collaborative group practice functions and enter the field as stronger, more skilled practitioners.

We are proud to serve as campaign champions and to spread the word about the incredible work being done within the Faculty, and the exciting changes to come. It is important to us to contribute to the life of the school that gave us so much and continues to support us as professionals.

Oral health care is about more than acquiring a skill set. It’s about the compassionate care of others, particularly those who have limited or no access to treatment. The Dental Clinic Renewal project will equip students with the highest level of clinical experience and help them become caring professionals who are committed to their patients and their communities. This, to us, is the future of oral health care.

Nada Haidar (DDS’97) and Rick Raftus (DDS’86)
Dalhousie Dental Clinic Renewal Campaign Champions