Romeo Dallaire Child Soldier Initiative

Children should not fight wars, yet, tens of thousands of children are forced, coerced or born into conflict every day where they end up fighting in conflicts created by adults. Join our movement to protect children and make the recruitment and use of child soldiers ‘unthinkable’. Together, we can make definitive, positive strides in ending this human rights abuse around the globe.


Founded by retired lieutenant-general and celebrated humanitarian Roméo Dallaire and housed at Dalhousie University, the Dallaire Institute for Children, Peace and Security is a global partnership committed to ending the use and recruitment of child soldiers. We believe this can only be accomplished through prevention – by conducting ground-breaking research, advocacy and security-sector training.


To achieve this, we take a Children’s Rights Upfront (CRU) Approach, that seeks to elevate children’s well-being higher up on the international peace and security agenda both in terms of making it a priority for all actors, as well as by ensuring children and youth participate in peace processes that impact their future. In the first instance, efforts focus on points of collaboration that aim to highlight the need to protect the rights of society’s most vulnerable – children. By agreeing to make children a priority, this approach can build bridges between parties in the peace process and open space for dialogue in what may appear to be an intractable conflict. This can lead to increased confidence and trust, as well as concrete and measurable steps on the road to peace.