Fred & Elizabeth Fountain


As long-time supporters of Dalhousie University and its mission, we always knew that we would make a significant gift, but we wanted it to be for something very meaningful to us. We’ve had a long history of supporting the visual and performing arts, as well as higher education, medical research, mental health, and youth advocacy. So, when it was proposed to us that we direct our gift to establishing a school of performing arts at Dalhousie it seemed the right thing to do because it combines elements of all the causes which we are passionate about.

There is an ongoing effort to invest more money into science, technology, engineering and medical research – and we have supported and continue to support all of these areas. However, the arts also play an important role in lending creativity and critical thinking to the more traditional science-based industries. They bring such beauty into our lives and such healing.

That was the impetus behind our gift to establish the Fountain School of Performing Arts – which is quickly becoming a catalyst for the arts in our region of the country and adding a significant resource to the creative economy, both for the benefit of Dalhousie and for the greater community.

We have watched with pride as Dalhousie’s former departments of theatre and music have come together in a beautiful fusion of collaboration. Now it’s time to take that next step and build the vital infrastructure to support the programming enabled by the school.

We invite you to join us in our efforts in engaging in the transformative power of the arts for today’s students, tomorrow’s leaders and the ongoing legacy of the arts community at Dalhousie and beyond.

Fred and Elizabeth Fountain

Honorary Campaign Co-Chairs