A gift agreement is a contract between the university and a benefactor. This mutually-agreed upon document communicates the purpose of the gift, and ensures the donor’s wishes are known and understood by the university. It outlines the institution’s responsibilities for awarding funds, and use of earnings and capital. In most cases, gift agreements are created between the donor and Dalhousie University.

Clause to Vary

Adhering to the terms of the gift agreement is of the utmost importance to the university; however, there may be occasions when a gift is not able to be used for its intended purpose. Reasons that a fund may not be able to be used for its intended purpose include:

  • The program/faculty/school no longer exists at Dalhousie
  • A scholarship goes to a student from a particular high school that no longer exists
  • The terms are no longer deemed ethical

In these cases, the Office of Advancement will do everything in its power to consult with the donor or family member to discuss modifying the gift agreement. In the event no living relative can be found, the University reserves the right to amend the terms. The University will keep the terms as close as possible to the original donor’s intent.

For more detailed information and questions, please contact the Donor Relations Office at donor.relations@dal.ca or 902.494.4561.