The Faculty of Health is the largest and most diverse faculty of its kind in Canada, with more than 35 health and social services programs. We offer inter-professional education opportunities, foster cross- and multi-discipline research collaborations, and provide a reasoned, academic voice on broad health issues. The new Collaborative Health Education Building (CHEB) and Centre for Collaborative Clinical Learning & Research (CCCLR) are state-of-the-art facilities, providing student study, group work and simulation space.

Our vibrant alumni family is over 25,379 strong. Through dedication, energy and creativity, they continue to make significant contributions to health in Canada and throughout the world.

Our alumni are a source of pride and support for the faculty. Whether supervising students as preceptors and clinical instructors, networking, guest lecturing, or taking part in events,  our alumni and friends contribute in many ways to the success of the Faculty of Health. We are also fortunate to have dedicated friends and supporters of the Faculty.

Many of our alumni take on the role of preceptor or clinical instructor, providing on-the-job-training to our students. These alumni preceptors supervise students in the health professions throughout the Maritimes. We appreciate the contributions of our alumni, supporters, and friends who are very generous with their time and financial support.