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Our alumni enrich our Faculty by having a direct and immediate impact on the student experience. If  the time comes that you want to give back, here is how you can do it:

A good time to plan a tip is during professional practice week. The Professional Practice module is required for all Masters students. It is offered in the winter term, typically during the second week of January. During this week, students learn about the architect in society; and the political, social, economic, and ethical environments in which architects practice. Students present on their recently completed work terms. Alumni and local architects have participated in parts of professional practice week by serving as guest lecturers or by participating in the week’s events to further their own education.

The professional architecture program includes two co-op work terms that provide students with practical experience in building design and responsible professional practice. The undergraduate (BEDS) work term is 14 weeks (500 hours) and the graduate (MArch) work term is 28 weeks (1000 hours). During this time, students learn about architecture through work-based studies in approved professional offices and other relevant places of work. A student typically works in an architecture office and assists with various aspects of building design: design drawing, model-making, computer drafting, construction supervision, etc.

The Architecture co-op program has been operating since 1970. During the past two years Dalhousie architecture students have been employed in every province and territory in Canada and in many other countries around the world. If you are interested in more information about the Co-op program please contact Paula Costello at 902-494-6201 or

Provide ideas and/or financial support so our students can engage in meaningful design/build projects.

Since 1991 the School of Architecture has conducted design-build labs during the last two weeks in July. They are supervised by faculty members or sessional instructors, and involve undergraduate and graduate architecture students directly in issues of construction, performance, and material in relation to design. Projects are constructed primarily in the Maritimes. Some projects are constructed on the grounds of the university’s Sexton Campus. Others are located elsewhere in Halifax and beyond: Kingsburg, the Annapolis Valley, Cape Breton Island, etc. Periodically opportunities to produce projects nationally are realized.

The projects typically include small buildings, landscape installations, films, and performances. The construction of these design-build projects has been a notable public event in downtown Halifax and other communities, raising public awareness of architecture and building construction.

Donations made to the Faculty’s Dalhousie Fund supports student projects such as the Free Labs.

One of our current fundraising focuses is the enhancement of undergraduate scholarships as our entering students are technically second year and not eligible for the University’s entrance scholarships.  Named scholarship funds can be created with a commitment of $1000 for five years or endowed with a gift of $25,000. Either way the scholarship can be named to honor or memorialize someone and shaped to fit the donor’s wishes.

For more information please contact, Anne Swan, at 902-494-1378 or