Alisha Johnson, Alumni Relations Officer
Phone: 902.893.6022 | Email:

Stephanie Rogers, Communications Manager
Phone: 902.890.0698| Email:

Architecture and Planning

Anne Swan, Alumni Engagement and Communications Officer
Phone: 902.830.0925 | Email:

Arts and Social Sciences

Janet Dyson, Alumni and Donor Relations Officer
Phone: 902.494.6951 | Email:

Genevieve MacIntyre, Manager of Recruitment, Communications and Marketing
Phone: 902.494.6288 |

Computer Science

Austin Zhang, Student and Alumni Engagement Officer
Phone: 902.999.2818 | Email:

Allison Kincade, Marketing, Communications and Alumni Officer
Phone: 902.494.3446 | Email:

Becca Rawcliffe, Communications Officer
Phone: 902.494.7713 | Email:


Victoria Law, Alumni Officer
Phone: 902.266.5610 | Email:

Cheryl Bell, Communications Advisor
Phone: 902.494.3183 | Email:


Merilyn Layne, Alumni and Communications Officer
Phone: 902.494.3158 | Email:

Graduate Studies

Lori Ward, Director of Development, Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences and Graduate Studies
Phone: 902.494.5179 | Email:

Andrew Riley, Senior Manager, Strategy and Communications


Kathy MacFarlane, Alumni and Donor Relations Officer
Phone: 902.494.4219 |  Email:

Dawn Morrison, Director, Communications and External Relations
Phone: 902.494.2594 | Email:


Darren Dick, Director of External Relations
Phone: 902.494.3744 | Email:

Tammi Hayne, Assistant to the Director, External Relations
Phone: 902.494.5100 | Email:

Stephanie Hurley, Manager of Communications
Phone: 902.494.2618 |


Lori Bauld, Alumni Officer
Phone: 902.494.2161 | Email:

Nicole Maunsell, Communications Manager
Phone: 902.494.3716 | Email:


Barrett Hooper, Alumni Engagement Lead
Phone: 902.229.6874 | Email:

Jennifer Lewandowski, Communications Advisor
Phone: 902.494.2961 | Email:

Jason Bremner, Communications Advisor
Phone: 902.494.1964 | Email:


Jocelyn Adams, Alumni & Donor Relations Officer
Phone: 902.483.7343 | Email: 

Caitlyn MacQueen, Communications Officer
Phone: 902.494.1123 | Email: caitlyn.macqueen@Dal.Ca

Office of Advancement – Alumni

Phone: 902.494.8801