Faculty Alumni Officers can help you plan your next reunion, answer your questions on faculty-specific events, and more.

Alumni Office Contacts (by Faculty)


Colette Wyllie, Alumni Relations Officer

Phone: 902.893.6022 Email: colette.wyllie@dal.ca

Please note that reunions for agriculture classes are normally held in the spring.

Architecture and Planning

Anne Swan, Alumni Engagement and Communications Officer

Phone: 902.494.1378 Email: anne.swan@dal.ca

Arts and Social Sciences

Genevieve MacIntyre, Faculty and Alumni Communications Officer

Phone: 902.494.6288 Email: genevieve.macintyre@dal.ca

Computer Science

Allison Kincade, Alumni and Communications Officer

Phone: 902.494.3446 Email: allison.kincade@dal.ca


Jon Bruhm, Alumni Officer

Phone: 902.494.2431 Email: jbruhm@dal.ca


Jenn Moore, Alumni and Communications Officer

Phone: 902.494.3158 Email: jennifer.moore@dal.ca

Graduate Studies

Alice Ridgway, Alumni Support

Phone: 902.494.2805 Email: alice.ridgway@dal.ca

Health Professions

Laura Hynes-Jenkins, Manager of Communications, Marketing and Alumni Relations

Phone: 902.494.2594 Email: kathryn.morse@dal.ca


Karen Kavanaugh, Director, Alumni Relations

Phone: 902.494.3744 Email: karen.kavanaugh@dal.ca


Marianne Hagen, Alumni Officer

Phone: 902.494.7142 Email: marianne.hagen@dal.ca

Evie Sabean Croucher, Alumni Relations Officer, Dalhousie Medical Alumni Association

Phone: 902.494.4816 Email: evie.croucher@dal.ca


Alice Ridgway, Alumni Support

Phone: 902.494.2805 Email: alice.ridgway@dal.ca

Office of Advancement – Alumni

Email: alumni@dal.ca

Phone: 902.494.8801

Not sure who to get in touch with?

Contact volunteer@dal.ca or 902.494.6857 (toll free: 1.800.565.9969).