OT professional releases book to foster learning in children

Sabrina Adair (MScOT’06) announces the release of her book from Routledge Publishing, Understanding a Child the Occupational Therapy Way; Recognizing and communicating the Unique Potential of a ChildIt was released on October 22, 2021. Sabrina is Founder and CEO of Enabling Adaptations, Inc.

This book uses an occupational therapy way of thinking to guide the reader towards observing, understanding, and communicating the needs of children to foster a supportive environment.

Presented in accessible, everyday language, this book takes a holistic approach of looking at a child from what makes them a unique person, what activities they are trying to accomplish, and what environment they are in. Each chapter helps readers identify, describe, and clearly articulate a different aspect of the child’s environment and how it may affect them, the way that they process different sensory inputs, what their behaviors may be telling us, and how they learn. By recognizing each child’s unique story and effectively communicating their story to others, the reader can identify the most effective ways to support a child to meet a child’s needs and set them up for success.

Therapists, educators, parents, and childcare workers will all benefit from the simple strategies outlined in this book to enrich a child’s learning.

You can follow Sabrina on Instagram @enablingadaptations.