Outcast Foods launches new products, opens second facility

Dr. Darren Burke (BPE’91, MSc (Kinesiology)’95) is a global leader in the upcycling movement. As a celebrated science-based entrepreneur focused on plant-based and social impact ideas to save the planet, he created Outcast Foods. The company uses his proprietary technology and localized food supply chains to upcycle surplus fruits and vegetables into high purity, nutrient dense, long shelf-life natural health products.

In August, Outcast Foods announced the launch of five single ingredient products. By popular demand, they include apple, beet, kale, broccoli and blueberry powders, all vegan, gluten and sugar free, non-gmo and organic certified.

Outcast developed the products to address the demands of consumers who have been seeking single ingredient nutritional powders in concentrated form. The powders can be used a wide variety of ways – as simple additions to anything from soups and dressings to baked goods to homemade dips and smoothie bowls.

With approximately 40% of food going to waste, Outcast is part of a global solution in the circular economy. A second purpose-built facility dedicated to upcycling the many different types of waste-stream food opened in Ontario this summer. It will help Outcast divert more than 1,000,000 pounds of food per month from going to waste.