Photo credit: Uros Jelic

Forthcoming novella by Devon Code

Devon Code (BA (Contemporary Studies in English)’03) shares news of a novella forthcoming from Coach House Books in Disintegration in Four Parts, which is co-authored by Jean Marc Ah-Sen, Emily Anglin and Lee Henderson:

Coach House describes the book as follows:

Four writers, four different perspectives on the problematic notion of purity.

“All purity is created by resemblance and disavowal.” With this sentence as a starting point, four authors each write a novella considering the concept of purity, all from astonishingly different angles. Jean Marc Ah-Sen writes about love blooming between two writers belonging to feuding literary movements. Emily Anglin explores an architect’s search for her twin at a rural historic house. Devon Code documents the Wittgensteinian upheavals of the last days of an elderly woman. And Lee Henderson imagines Dada artist Kurt Schwitters finding unlikely inspiration in a Second World War internment camp in northern Norway.

Wildly different in style and subject matter, these four virtuoso pieces give us a 360-degree view of a philosophical theme that has never felt so urgent.