Dartmouth artist scores (art) hat trick

John Devlin (BEDS’77) presently has work in three concurrent exhibitions in three venues in three countries. This planetary alignment continues until May 23 when the German show closes.

‘PHOTO | BRUT’ at the American Folk Art Museum in New York, N.Y. is displaying three pieces; ‘Making Space’ at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in Halifax, N.S. has six pieces; and ‘Zeichnungen XVI – Welten’ at Galerie Parterre Berlin in Germany 🇩🇪 has 15 pieces.

The new exhibition from Art Gallery of Nova Scotia’s permanent collection seeks to bring visitors to the intersection of art and architecture. ‘Making Space’ looks to the attributes of the built environment as a thematic point of departure. The exhibition explores the physical and philosophical constructs of the space and structures in our lives to expose a range of present-day concerns.

American Folk Art Museum, New York, N.Y.

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax, N.S.

Galerie Parterre Berlin, Germany