With the coming of each new season, Dal Aggie, Tracy Marques (DTECH’08) reflects on and appreciates their agricultural journey and lifestyle. For the last 15 years working, Tracy has been working in the Agri and Pet industries. While working, she has been able to learn all about what’s needed to make our companion animals and livestock healthier and happier. She starts many days helping out on a dairy farm; milking cows and feeding calves and then continuing her day working full time doing inside sales at Kane Veterinary Supplies assisting in distributing Agri and Pet supplies across Canada.

Tracy is now excited to share that since last Nov they have begun their own Homesteading Journey; with 2 Border Collie Heelers pups, and Chickens! Tracy is looking forward to many more years homesteading and getting the opportunity to learn even more about themselves along with the plants and animals they raise. Tracy wishes to extend their thanks to their Aggie Family and Enterprise Management Education that she obtained at the Agri Campus in Truro. “I was enveloped in the world of Dairy and Companion Animals and I have kept it all in my life every since!’.

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