Children’s Picture Books Published- Dawn Doig (MSc’90)

And So, Ahmed Hears book cover

I graduated from Dal in 1990 with a Master of Science degree in Human Communication Disorders majoring in Audiology. In 2013, after helping to start up and subsequently working for eight years as the head of the Audiology unit at a large rehabilitation hospital in Saudi Arabia, I decided to switch careers into teaching. My husband, Bruce Doig (B.Ed and B.A from UVic in 1991), had been following me around the globe as a teacher for 23 years and now I was going to follow him. In August 2015, I completed a Master of Education degree through The College of New Jersey and I am currently employed as an English as an Additional Language teacher at the International School of Ulaanbaatar in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

A big announcement that I would like to share is that I recently had three children’s picture books published and I have three more coming out soon. Being a published author is a childhood dream come true. The books are available in both paperback and e-book formats. They are available for purchase directly from the publisher, from Amazon, or from Barnes and Noble.
And So, Ahmed Hears!: Although Ahmed seems to be a typical two year old, mama has concerns that he may not be hearing. So off they go to the doctor and eventually to the audiologist who diagnoses a hearing loss. Fit with hearing aids, Ahmed is now able to enjoy the sounds of life. And So Ahmed Hears was written to increase public awareness about childhood hearing loss and to help alleviate some of the stigma associated with it.
Petra Pencil Pines for Pizza: Petra is a pencil with flaws who spends her days alone in the pencil box waiting for the day she can draw. One day the pencil box gets knocked over and she finds herself on paper for the first time drawing her love, pizza! Suddenly plump, the other pencils think she is even more useless than before. Then one day a little boy with learning needs joins the class and a special friendship develops.
Go Away, Shawn: Shawn’s younger siblings just want him to ‘go away’. Then one day, Shawn is in a car accident that leaves him immobile, and unable to eat on his own or talk. In the midst of her grieving, Shawn’s sister remembers his random acts of kindness. ‘Go Away, Shawn’ reminds us that despite the bullying, there is still room for love and forgiveness for the older brother who has now been lost.

My husband and I have just accepted new teaching positions in Cameroon, Africa. We will be relocating there in August, 2018. I will be the ELL coordinator for the whole school. Bruce will be the Tech Integrator and will also be teaching Design to Grades 6 to 10.