Books Can Make a Difference

Imagine being locked in a world of silence. Not because you cannot hear, but because you cannot speak or write. As the author of 15 children’s picture books, I am trying to help brighten the life of one individual and his family. Proceeds from my picture book sales will go toward the purchase of an eye-tracking communication device for a father of two. This gentleman lost his father to COVID last year so it would be wonderful if he could at least be given the opportunity to try to communicate with his elderly mother and the rest of his family. There are devices available to help people communicate through their eyes, but they are very expensive. I hope being able to buy a book in support of this initiative will be an incentive for others to help. There are so many who need the help and even when devices are available, not everyone is considered a priority or a candidate so they are not even given the chance to try it. I look forward to the day I can post about the moment this individual tries the device. I was an audiologist for 23 years and will never forget the moment I switched on the cochlear implant of a deaf child and they heard sound for the first time. It was different every time and truly a miracle of science. Communication is such a huge part of being human. I have picture books available on a variety of topics including childhood hearing loss (written while I was working in Kuwait as part of the Kuwait-Dalhousie Project), dysgraphia, anxiety and worry, OCD, and positive self-image. Some are just plain silly. Several are now available in more than one language, including two that are bilingual (English/French and English/Spanish).

Could you, would you take a look?
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As with hearing aids and auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder, there is a chance this device will not work with this individual, BUT the beauty of it is that another dear soul will then be able to try it. Please consider buying a book to help me pay it forward and make a difference in someone’s life.

– Dawn Doig (MSc’90)