New book Women Unsilenced travels from Nova Scotia to the UN Geneva Library

Jeanne Sarson (BScN’89) and Linda MacDonald (BN’76) celebrated the release of their book Women Unsilenced Our Refusal To Let Torturer-Traffickers Win with Canadian and Australian launches, and getting catalogued in the UN Geneva Library.

Women Unsilenced explores the impact of unthinkable violence committed against women and girls through multiple perspectives—women’s recall of life-threatening ordeals of torture, human trafficking, and organized crime; society’s failure to recognize and address such crimes; and close examinations of how justice, health, political and social systems perpetuate revictimizing trauma. Written by retired public health nurses who include their own experiences to help give voice and understanding to women who have been silenced. This book discloses their “underground” caring work and offers “kitchen table” research and insights, using women’s storytelling on multiple platforms to educate readers on the unimaginable layers of perpetrators’ modus operandi of violence, manipulation and deceit.

At times raw, painful, and shocking, this book is an important resource for those who have survived such crimes; professionals who support those victimized by torturers and traffickers; police, legal professionals, criminologists, human rights activists and educators. It reveals how healing and claiming one’s relationship with/to/for self is possible.

Available through FriesenPress, Indigo/Chapters/Coles and book sellers globally.

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