Patricia Lingley-Pottie (PhD’11) is honoured to be celebrating her 10th year anniversary since achieving her PhD at Dal. It has been a very successful 10 years with several publications and opportunities to work with many international academic colleagues. Advancing mental well-being for Canadians of all ages has been very rewarding work. The work Patricia is doing at the Strongest Families Institute (SFI) as co-founder, President, and CEO has had major impacts on improving the lives of thousands of children, youth, adults, and families. As a pioneer in the field of e-mental health with more than 20 years of social science backing their innovative distance coaching services, they are humbled by the recognition of several social innovation awards received over the past 10 years. SFI is excited for the next 10 years of research and evaluation of their advancement in technology including broad scaling of their e-mental health solutions as a system of care. The future in primary mental health reform is certainly bright with the important work being done by many Canadian academics in the e-mental health field.